Hire a tattoo artist to get yourself tattooed. A tattoo artist also known as tattooer or tattooist is an individual who applies permanent or temporary decorative tattoos. We provide tattoo artist for various events such as birthday parties, private event, themed parties, Halloween etc. Moreover these tattoos are not so harmful to your bodies. You can choose from variety of tattoos collection to get yourself one.  It is recommended that you should provide the size of audience well in before so we can adjust the number tattoo artist.

Tattoo can be made of any simple artwork or any kind of symbols, letters or cartoon characters. The tattoo is made using poster colors and is easily washable. We also provide glitter tattoos. Tattoos from Party Poppers are not harmful for your bodies.

We guarantee 100% customer happiness. For any other requirement or got any queries simply call us at +91 9320229394. Visit us for more information at http://partypoppers.co.in.

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