If you are looking to hire a magician for your party then you are at right place. We can do magic for all kinds of events like corporate event, event in start hotel, birthday party, family gathering, cocktail parties, themed restaurants, new year parties, school functions etc. Basically what is magician? A magician is the one who can entertain people with his magic tricks, illusions and effects. Magician is a fictional fantasy character. These magic tricks seem impossible or supernatural for the audience. The magician learns these tricks by practicing same tricks over and over again to get mastered in it.  Some of his tricks especially the hand tricks require extensive practice so to execute it well without flaws while performing. There are many different forms of magic tricks produced by magician. Some of them are proficient in only one and some of them are in all. Some of these types are listed below.

  • Production: The magician produces something from nothing.
  • Vanish: The magician makes something disappear.
  • Transformation: The magician transforms something from one to another.
  • Restoration: The magician destroys some object or something and at the end restores it.
  • Transportation: The magician does this trick by moving something from one place to another.
  • Escape: The magician or his assistant is placed in restraining device or death trap and escapes safely.
  • Levitation: The magician defines gravity by floating something in air.
  • Penetration: The magician makes a solid object pass through another object.
  • Prediction: The magician predicts the choice of spectator or the outcome of an event.

The tactics and methodology behind this magic trick is often referred to as science and it is kind of art. Magician requires a lot of patience and temperament while executing it.

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