Introducing Fun & Educational themed Birthday Parties in India

1. Formula 1 theme/ Mc Queen/Car theme

Racer Arrival & Performance

Your favourite car racer has arrived and the journey of fun begins!

Interactive Stories

As the tale unfolds Car racer tells in his own words the magic of how he became a wonderful person! The Birthday boy and all of his guests will participate in this adventurous story.

Adventure Games

Racer will play adventurous games with kids.

Dance time

Dance along with your host on western & Bollywood songs.

Winning Parade

This is a very special time as the Racer, the birthday boy, and his guests participate in a Winning Parade, set perfectly to themed music.

2. Jungle theme

There is never a dull moment when you have children, as you run around after your little animals, leaping through the jungle, catching your monkey mid leap, your elephant mid stomp and lion mid roar. A jungle theme party for a first birthday is perfect for your wild one. We can make it fun, wild and noisy. We will make party room look like a jungle with Artificial leaves and various animal toys hanged inside and will turn a birthday party into a roaring success with this bright party theme.

Come take a walk on the wild side!
This jungle theme party is full of fun and adventure!

3. Doraemon Theme Party

Does your kid love watching Japanese cat Doraemon helping his friend Nobita and he admire their friendship?
We are sure this Doraemon theme party will be a great fun time for him and his friends. We will make this even more exciting with Doraemon story and themed decoration.

4. Winnie The Pooh Theme party

Do the antics of Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger make your little one giggle with glee? If your toddler is a fan of Winnie the Pooh characters, then this party theme is for you. A Winnie the Pooh party theme is tons of fun for all ages.

5. Mickey- Mini Theme party

Everyone loves Mickey Mouse and his happy go-lucky friends. If your toddler loves watching this character, then he will have a great fun time at this theme party. We make sure he will giggle watching his favorite character all around the party hall while listening his favorite songs.

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